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Release of rubber-metal products for industrial enterprises

We are located:

1509 Watersedge Rd

Mississauga, ON L5J 1A5

tel: +1 416 567 4077


Polymet Solutions Corporation LTD,

Karaganda region, Bukhar-Zhyrau district,

v. Doskey, area block 028, site 1465

Mobile: +7 708 439 53 69


Branch Russian Federation

Polymet Solutions LLC

Irkutsk, Rakitnaya str., 14, of. 44,

Mobile: 8-904-130-31-78



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Advantages of polymet rubber linings

  • Weight of rubber,polymet rubber is 80% lighter than steel linings that’s why its safer and easier to attach and deattach.
  • Rubber and polymet rubber linings last longer than steel linigs and does not lower the quality of grindings.
  • Lowering the weight of the linings helps load more minerals for processing, lowering the load on the bearings,crown gears and increases poduction of mills and decreases the work time of bearings and gears.

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