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Polymet rubber lining

Polymet rubber lining is used AG and SAG mills, ranging from 1.5 m to 17 m in diameter of the mill trommel for the first grinding stage, using balls with a diameter of up to 100 mm.

Many companies are switching to large-diameter mills, increasing the efficiency of ore grinding, while operating large-diameter mills, problems arise with the lining life.

To extend the longer service life of the lining, we produce polymet rubber lining lining for our customers.

Polymet rubber lining is available in special steel and rubber, and is produced under high pressure.

Due to the high wear resistance of the metal, this allows you to double the life of the lining in comparison with a metal or rubber lining.

Polymet lifter bars are installed mainly with rubber head plates. This reduces the total weight of the lining by up to 80% compared to steel lining, reducing the cost of each ton of processed ore.

Reduces equipment downtime. The lining form is created at the request of the customer in accordance with the profile of the equipment and operating conditions. Reducing the weight of the lining allows you to load more material, thereby increasing equipment productivity.

Lower time and number of people for removing and installing a lining compared to a steel lining. Therefore, it is safer, faster and easier to install.

Less wear on thrust bearings, ring gears, gears, gears, electric motors.

Polymet rubber lining does not require frequent inspections, repairs, and additional tightening of nuts on the bolts of the lining during operation. Prevents leakage and erosion of the mill body; all this allows for less frequent maintenance, the consumption of steel balls is reduced, mill productivity increases, costs for ore processing costs decrease

Mill efficiency


When using polymet rubber lining, the costs of e/energy and steel balls are reduced. Mill linings are the most expensive item in the process of grinding ore.

Rubber linings significantly reduce the noise level generated by mills during the grinding process.





Advantages of polymet rubber linings

  • Weight of rubber,polymet rubber is 80% lighter than steel linings that’s why its safer and easier to attach and deattach.
  • Rubber and polymet rubber linings last longer than steel linigs and does not lower the quality of grindings.
  • Lowering the weight of the linings helps load more minerals for processing, lowering the load on the bearings,crown gears and increases poduction of mills and decreases the work time of bearings and gears.

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