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Release of rubber-metal products for industrial enterprises

Rubber lining

Rubber lining for mills


Rubber lining is designed for operation in ball mills of the 1st stage, 2 stages and 3 stages of grinding, when the balls work no more than 80 mm in diameter. Rubber lining provides longer life compared to metal lining.

Minimum maintenance, long lining replacement intervals. The service life of rubber plates is two times longer than rubber lifters, all lifters can be easily replaced, leaving the shell plate and head plates in place


Advantage of rubber linings: 

The weight of rubber linings is 80% lighter than steel lining, therefore it is safer, faster to install and remove.

Rubber linings last longer than steel linings without affecting grinding quality.

By reducing the weight of the lining, you can load more ore for processing, reducing the load on bearings, ring gears, increasing mill productivity and the service life of bearings and gears.

Maintenance costs are reduced: the need for frequent inspections and tightening of nuts, bolts in the mill. Leakage to the trommel casing is prevented.

Rubber linings reduce the noise level, vibration of the mills, which creates comfort in work and safety.

Costs are reduced: for electricity during operation, when starting mills. The consumption of steel balls is reduced.

The productivity of mills increases, the cost of ore processing is reduced

We offer high quality products, according to the highest technology standards


Rubber grilles for unloading system


The main advantages of rubber grate plates, lightness of the product, longer service life, ease of installation. For high pressure mills, rubber grate plates improve ore flow and increase productivity.

Flexible, reinforced grate plates have cone-shaped, conical holes that self-clean. As a result, rubber grate plates work very efficiently

Rubber pulp lifters for discharge system


At the request of the customer, we are ready to manufacture rubber pulp lifters, to increase the service life of the grate plate and the discharge system, to reduce the weight of the discharge system.

The discharge system increases the throughput of the mills and avoids excessive grinding of ore.

Pulp lifters are installed in mills of self-grinding, semi-grinding and the first stage.

Rubber pulp lifters are made of special rubber, which is coated on metal billets, designed by the design of the designers.


Discharge system


Our company has fully developed and mastered the production of polymet rubber pulp wells, pulp lifters, grate plates for discharge systems for mills of self-grinding, semi-self-grinding, the first stage of ball mills.

For liner configurations for unloading through the grate plate. The polymet rubber discharge system increases mill productivity and reduces ultrafine grinding of ore in the mill.

The entire discharge system is much lighter than the metal discharge system. Increases service life. Easy to install and repair.



Advantages of polymet rubber linings

  • Weight of rubber,polymet rubber is 80% lighter than steel linings that’s why its safer and easier to attach and deattach.
  • Rubber and polymet rubber linings last longer than steel linigs and does not lower the quality of grindings.
  • Lowering the weight of the linings helps load more minerals for processing, lowering the load on the bearings,crown gears and increases poduction of mills and decreases the work time of bearings and gears.

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