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Production of pipes from calendered rubber

Our company has experience in the production of calendered rubber pipes for Isamill mills

Calendered rubber compounds (raw rubber) are intended for gummingchemical equipment, as well as for the manufacture of various seals,elements of shock-absorbing systems, power parts and other products,workable in contact with water, oils, fuels, chemical solutions. Rubber compounds can withstand temperature loads from -60 to +300 degrees








Mill trommels with elastic screening surfaces


__Mill trommels with elastic screening surfaces (ESS) are used as a grading unit in grinding mills, as well as for mills with central discharge for the disposal of used grinding elements.__Structurally, the mill trommels are made hinged and built into the unloading bushing of the mill and can have a conical or cylindrical shape. Depending on the technological tasks, mill trommels can be two-product and three-product.__ESS are made of wear-resistant rubber or polyurethane.


                       Rubber                                                                                                        Polyurethane



The screening surface of the mill trommels is formed from the modules forming the screening screen 1 and the conveying screw 2 at the same time. The screw is made in the form of a series of conical "fingers" capable of passing a liquid phase of the pulp through itself and transporting a solid phase along the screening surface. Due to this, the liquid phase of the pulp, penetrating through the fingers, spreads uniformly over the surface of the screen, thereby reducing the specific load on the screen, its wear and allowing to reduce the screw's height by 2-3 times in comparison with the continuous one. During operation, the vibrations of the fingers are transferred to the screening screen, increasing the efficiency of classification and self-cleaning of the screen.

Screw design together with the screen ensures uniform wear of the screen and screw and allows for simultaneous replacement. The dimensions of the cell, the live section and the dimensions of the screw are met in accordance with technological requirements.

__The design of the module fastening lock to the body of the trommel, such as "swallowtail", allows you to quickly mount (dismount) the module._



Three-product mill trommels


__Application of three-product mill trommels on wet autogenous mills allows to exclude a chain spiral classifier from the process, reduce circulating load of the mill and increase its capacity by 10 - 15%. Three-product mill  trommel





The cushioning device for the conveyor belt "Trampoline"


__The cushioning device for the conveyor belt "Trampoline" is designed to increase the reliability of the conveyor and the durability of the conveyor belt, as well as to increase the service life of the capital structures supporting the conveyor. 


__Scope of application

__"Trampoline" is installed in the place of loading of the conveyor in place of existing roller bearings. The device is made in the form of a separate unit with a continuous, highly compliant sliding support, which extinguishes the force of impact along the conveyor belt of pieces up to 1400 mm in size.

__Twenty-year operational experience of "Trampoline" showed their high reliability and efficiency. The lifetime of the conveyor belt increased by 2-3 times; decreased consumption of rollers of the freight branch. "Trampolines" do not require maintenance during the entire service life. The damper of the conveyor belt "Trampoline" is made for conveyors with a width of a roll from 800 to 2500 mm. 

    Warranty period - 10 years.





Modular hydrocyclones with a removable lining

__A hydrocyclone is a device used to enrich ore materials and classify them in a liquid-like medium by size for dewatering, thickening and decalting pulps.A hydrocyclone will be used as an independent or battery-integrated apparatus, both in open and closed cycles of sewage treatment plants, washing installations, grinding, etc.




Манометр – Pressure gauge -

Слив  -Drain

Подача -  Innings

Образователь верхнего потока -  Upstream educator

Верхняя коническая секция  - Upper conical section

Головка входа -  Entry head

Нижние конические секции  - Lower conical sections

Сменная резиновая футеровка  - Replaceable rubber lining

Воздушный сердечник -  Air core

Песковая насадка -  Sand nozzle




Hydrocyclones are made of metal casing and replaceable lining and are designed for operating pressure up to 0.5 MPa. Replaceable lining is made of wear-resistant rubber. The modular design of hydrocyclones allows you to quickly replace any items.   To optimize the mode of operation of hydrocyclones, it is possible to change the diameters of the sand nozzles and drain pipes.

    Hydrocyclones are made of standard construction and with increased separation efficiency of the “Tornado” type.


 Standard Construction:







Replaceable rubber linings of slurry pumps


  • __Manufacture of spare parts for pumps VASA HD 7010-200
  • __Reliability of consumables is confirmed by testing and operation in conditions
  • The set of consumable elements of the pump VASA HD 7010-200 



Manufacture of rubber-metal wheels for pumps 5ГР-8С, ПНВ-3, 5ГР and 8ГР (ГРК-400/40), VASA HD 7010-200, VASA HD 507-150.


Domite Products


Our production partner is the canadian company Domite. A detailed description of Domite products can be found in the Catalogues section.











Advantages of polymet rubber linings

  • Weight of rubber,polymet rubber is 80% lighter than steel linings that’s why its safer and easier to attach and deattach.
  • Rubber and polymet rubber linings last longer than steel linigs and does not lower the quality of grindings.
  • Lowering the weight of the linings helps load more minerals for processing, lowering the load on the bearings,crown gears and increases poduction of mills and decreases the work time of bearings and gears.

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